COVID-19 Recovery Efforts at

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Purpose of this Document
To provide clarity on recovery efforts for CAVN operations, church services, facility, and staffing changes in response to COVID-19.  

This document provides guidance for the following:

  • Recovery Timeline and Milestones
  • Service & Ministry Changes / Online Strategy
  • Social Distancing / Close-Contact
  • Facility Changes / Sanitization
  • Special Events


*Vulnerable members: Over the age of 65 or immune-system compromised.

Anyone who is sick or has been exposed to someone that is sick should participate on online services as per the CDC and follow the appropriate quarantine guidelines. 

Social Distancing / Close-Contact

The CDC strongly recommend that we keep social distancing (a 6’ buffer between people) at all times throughout Phase 1, which may be relaxed in later phases. For those conducting services during Phases 1-2, social distancing needs to be adhered to. 

Following Phase 3, the return to services will likely result in a mass flood of members wishing to return to see those they’ve been apart from over the last few months. There will be a desire for people to come in close contact with one another, which should be avoided temporarily in Phase 3, and for our staff and congregation to be cautious of even into Phase 4. 

Recovery Timeline and Milestones

CAVN recovery timetables are predicated on the Phase requirements set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Massachusetts local government. While some CAVN programs will continue during all phases, they may have different expressions (online vs in-person group gatherings) depending on the Phase Milestone we’re currently under. 


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CAVN has been currently closed for “normal operations” due to the government & CDC’s “stay at home” directive in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19. No gathering of staff or congregation has been authorized except for production of streaming church services and recording of special communications to the congregation. Only facilities personnel and limited staff have been on campus with the consent of the Senior Pastor. 

This status has functioned as follows:

  • Church Services ONLINE ONLY (FACEBOOK Live)
  • Academy ONLINE ONLY (Zoom)
  • Life Groups ONLINE ONLY (Zoom)
  • Special Events CANCELLED
  • Additional Facility Use* ONLINE ONLY (Zoom or FACEBOOK Live)
  • Vulnerable ONLINE ONLY

*Worship and dance practice, ESL class and Friday Youth Services.

CAVN Reintegration Plan Phase 2

We are excited to announce that we are entering phase two of our reintegration plan! What does this mean?

  1. We can now increase to 50% occupancy
    • If you would like to participate during our Sunday services you should continue registering on our webpage:
    • We are now able to make accommodations for 130 individuals, spaces include the main auditorium, the lobby, and the new life cafe. We will continue with the 6-feet apart requirement for social distancing.
  2. Children are now welcome to participate during our Sunday services
    • When you register, now you can include your children
    • Please remember that children over the age of 2 are requested to wear a face covering or mask.
    • GLOW Kidz Ministry will continue to be closed until further notice. ALL children MUST remain with parents or guardians throughout the duration of the service, in the spaces that are designated to be used.

**Please note all classrooms will remain closed during Phase 2

  1. SPECIFIC Groups will begin to gather; 
    • Under proper guidelines and requirements, the following groups will begin to meet: 
      • Revolution Youth Ministry (RYM)
      • New Life Worship
      • Zion Performing Arts Ministry (ZPAM)

REGISTRATE para el próximo servicio de adoración

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Durante la Fase 1 de reapertura en que nos encontramos, según lo estipulado por el estado de Massachusetts y el CDC, solo el 40% de la capacidad total del establecimiento puede reunirse en persona.

Por esta razón estaremos proveyendo esta registración en linea para poder cumplir con nuestra responsabilidad y seguridad en todo momento.... FAVOR DE REGISTRARSE A CONTINUACIÓN (los espacios son limitados, si usted no alcanzó a registrarse, aún puede continuar conectado con CAVN a través de Facebook LIVE)


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Service & Ministry Changes

Ceremonies (Weddings, Children Dedications, etc.)

Wedding ceremonies will be evaluated on a case by case basis. However, in the meantime, all ceremonies will be postponed until further notice by the Senior Pastor. 

Ushers and Welcome Team
The welcome ministry team (greeters, ushers, parking team, Conexion team) interact with people and typically are in close contact with church members. Until further notice, CAVN volunteers will not engage in physical contact to make church members feel comfortable. A simple wave and a friendly greeting is sufficient to welcome people into CAVN. Even if our volunteers feel comfortable greeting with a handshake or hug, it may make others uncomfortable. Training will be conducted prior to returning to services on site. 

  • Commonly kept items (Bibles, pens, mints, translation headsets etc.) will be distributed at the welcome desk only, and communal reach items will be removed until Phase 4. 


Transportation will not be provided until Phase 3 upon evaluation. 

Glow Kids Ministry
Children’s ministry will have a significant increase in oversight for interaction between the children. In order to limit exposure, Glow Kidz will commence per the Phase structure above. A plan for reopening will be drafted and reviewed over the coming weeks.

Revolution Youth 

Following the Phase protocol above, RYM will commence in-house services on a limited basis in Phase 2 of this plan. Similarly, a plan for reopening will be drafted to ensure the safety of our youth and young adults. 

Zion Performing Arts

ZPM practices will partially resume upon Phase 2 and progressively through Phase 3 and 4.

Worship Team 

Worship practices will partially resume upon Phase 2 and progressively through Phase 3 and 4. 

New Life Café 

  • New Life Cafe will be closed until Phase 4 and will follow CDC guidelines to ensure proper hygiene.  

Information Desk

  • No returns will be allowed to the information desk (pens, etc). 
  • Translation devices will not be available until Phase 4, and will be disinfected upon return.  

Ministerial Academy

Classes provided will not return to campus until Phase 3 is achieved, regardless of class size. 


International missions trips, international travel, and all out-of-country activities are on hold until Phase 4. Although, we may not be traveling until Phase 4 or later, our global support will continue, and our local mission will involve engaging our community through various support efforts. 

Facility Changes / Sanitization

The following facility changes will be made to protect the congregation before, during, and following services on campus. 

  • 4 additional cleaning service team members added to support additional disinfecting efforts. 2 additional cleaners will be added to Wednesday evening services. 
  • Disinfecting efforts include:
    • High-touch areas (doors, computers, restrooms, auditorium, student, and children’s areas)
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the facility. 
  • Hand-held radios will be sanitized after each use by the user prior to being returned to the charger. 


Le invitamos a conectarse con nosotros a través de Facebook LIVE, nuestros horarios son:

- DOMINGO: 10:00 AM


- JUEVES: 7:00 PM (CAVN - Clinton, MA)

- VIERNES: 7:30 PM (Revolution Youth Ministry)


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